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Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Lucy and I am a born and bred Londoner.

I’ve always stayed active but never really looked after my diet and the exercise has been fleeting. At school it was a bit of netball, dance or rounders at a university I was a cheerleader. However, I was also a MASSIVE party girl and drank and ate whatever I want. I could easily get through a pot of nutella in one sitting!

Then after I finished university just over 3 years ago, I headed around South East Asia for 3 months and my weight crept up to an all time high. I have always been a slim build but there was an extra “kangaroo pouch” round my stomach and I wanted to loose a bit of weight but more importantly tone up and get rid of my pouch. I enrolled in a gym and had a wonderful personal trainer, however, my problem is that I was never able to stick to anything. I would do great for about 2/3 weeks then I would be awful for about 4 weeks then be healthy again and so on. I could never understand why I wasn’t toning up or why my weight kept fluctuating. I was lying to myself about my progress.

My life took a turn this summer after I had the final of many minor operations on a problem I had with my chin from when I was younger. I finally felt more confident about pictures of me and I was happier with how I looked in my face. I wanted to finally get to a place where I was happy with my body and I knew I needed a complete lifestyle change. I moved out of my family home into a flat in October and with the help of my very supportive boyfriend I started Kayla’s fitness and health guide. Now I workout 6 days a week and I eat healthy and nutritious meals. This does not mean I don’t occasionally indulge in a glass of wine a piece of chocolate or two every now and then, but I keep it in check.

I am a massive foodie, so that has been the biggest change for me. I am also not very creative in the kitchen even though I love to cook. Therefore, with the help of online recipes, tips from my boyfriend and other kayla instagrammers, I am learning to cook different healthy and nutritious meals which I will be posting on here. Hopefully, in time I shall be able to experiment with my cooking!

This blog is really a way for me to stay on track and I rather enjoy writing about my journey! Thank you for visiting it and taking the time to read this. I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, feedback and questions. I will always be honest and I may slip and fall but I am only human 🙂

Much Love

Lucy xx


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