I got that Friday Feeling!

Friday night was double date night.

I had my last resistance training of Week 2 in my new gym outfit from Fabletics, and I was feeling pretty good about myself! Fabletics for those who don’t know is company co-founded by Kate Hudson specialising in gym wear. You get your 50% off your first complete workout outfit and there are some really great pieces to choose from so it is well worth checking out!

Volt Collection

 Workout over I put on my glad rags and we headed into London.

ImageThe chap and I like good food and good restaurants. I had heard good things about Fera at Claridges, it opened it’s doors in May and apparently had already been Michelin-starred. We decided to check out to see if it lived up to the reviews.

IMG_0666We arrived early so took a seat at the wonderfully quaint bar and ordered cocktails, dry martini for him and some raspberry concoction  for me. It had a certain herb in it which gave it a real kick.

IMG_0644 IMG_0646 IMG_0649Our dear friends Laura and Paul arrived and we were shown to our seats in the magnificently decorated restaurant complete with a massive tree right in the middle.

IMG_0654Having perused the menu we decided to go A La Carte and ordered our starters and mains.

We were then presented with nibbles.

IMG_0650I can’t tell you what it was but I can tell you that it was delicious

IMG_0658Also a pre-dinner nibble, this was rabbit in a beautifully light crisp ball that was simply delicious, Paul and I happily finished off the fourth ball as Laura did not want to eat Thumper… I apparently did not share the same sentiments.

Bread then arrived and all I can say was that it was heaven on a plate. The butter melted straight into the warm bread and then proceeded to melt in my mouth.

IMG_0662Followed by our starters. For me it was native lobster and kale leaves in a lobster cream with crispy pork and sunflower seeds.

IMG_0663The men had fried scallops with parsnips cooked in praline, meadowsweet and hazelnuts, also to die for.

For main I choose the Cornish lamb with potatoes and onions, garlic chives and apple vinegar.

IMG_0665Deciding that I had been extremely good for 3 weeks in my food, I was going to treat myself to something sweet to satisfy my sugar cravings. But first of course came the nibble desert.

IMG_0673It can only be described as a dime bar in a bowl. Needless to say it was gone pretty quickly.

IMG_0676And then my desert came out. I cannot for the life of my remember what exactly was in it but it was a raspberry creation of pure genius in my mind.

IMG_0681We topped off our evening with teas and nibble cake bits. I had the jasmine tea which came with a charming timer. Once I had poured the hot water in my pot I was to turn the time and wait until it was done to pour the tea.

IMG_0683 IMG_0687 IMG_0689 IMG_0690 IMG_0696 IMG_0699Completely satisfied we headed out through the gorgeously decorated halls of Claridges complete with their cases of jewelled goods and made our way into a waiting taxi with the promises of more lovely double date evenings to follow.

I was worried how I would feel with having such an extravagant meal when I am on Kayla Itsines. However, I woke up the next day feeling refreshed and happy and went right back into my last Week 2 session. It is nice to know I can still go out and enjoy myself without feeling I have ruined any progress with my regime.



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