1st Weighing In Session!

So on Monday I started Kayla’s new fitness regime. First thing first, I had to weigh myself and take pictures…. She advises you to take pictures every four weeks and weigh yourself every two so as not to get yourself down if your weight goes up and down as it does due to fluctuation at a woman’s time of the month. So this was my weight Monday morning (please ignore horrendous chipped nail varnish!)


For those who cannot see my horrendously taken blurry picture! That says 60.7kg or 9.5 stone – the most I have ever weighed. Ideally I would like to be somewhere between 8 and 8 1/2 stone (50 and 55kg) but I know I will get there in the long run. Now for the body photos… My worst nightmare is to reveal my body when I am not sucking in but here goes! My boyfriend took them from the bed so not the best photos but I was asking at 6:30am!



Well that’s that done! After leaving my sleeping boyfriend in the warmth I went out into the cold to the gym and did the first leg workout which I had totally underestimated! 2 circuits of 4 exercises each. 7 minutes of each circuit TWICE! Made the major mistake of sipping too much water, as soon as I got home I was not very well but lesson learned! Oh and another note ALWAYS STRETCH AFTER EXERCISE. Seriously I made that mistake and I am still hurting from it!

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