There Is No Such Word as Can’t!

So I have no upper body strength or strong abdominal muscles which meant today’s sessions of arms and abs proved rather horrendous.

I was really looking forward to it and then I was tasked with doing 15 press ups and that was the start of the end of my morning. I just managed to get through the 7 minutes then did circuit 2 with a twist sit up…. which didn’t happen because I wasn’t able to lift my body up for even one and I was expected to do 30! I carried on as best I could but got up feeling very disheartened and had a good old rant to a couple of my friends.

Han came up with the following advise

If you could do everything you wouldn’t learn anything! and then it would be a waste, so just try to look at it as an extra challenge and a new skill to acquire

And she was (as she usually is) correct. My ever supporting boyfriend then said to me every night we shall now several press ups and several sit ups until your able to both.

So today I learnt that there is no such word as can’t! I just need to realise that this is a process and with determination and hard work I will eventually get there!

Thought for the day:


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