Week 10 Struggles!

So having got through the start of the last difficult 4 weeks, I got to Week 10 and disaster struck. My monthly woman time started, I felt sluggish and horrible and not at all motivated to workout. I did a couple of cardio sessions but the resistance sessions went out the window, then it happened the week after. I loss confidence in myself and what I knew deep down I could do but for those 2 weeks I just was not feeling it. I had a good chat with my partner in crime, Emily, who is doing this with me. If I have a bad week, she redoes a week with me and vice versa. It just so happened that we both had had 2 bad weeks and so decided that we were going to really go for Week 10 this week and I was all ready to start Monday, I found some motivational posters on Pinterest and was feeling pumped to go to the gym after work.Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 20.53.47Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 20.52.53


But then Monday lunch, I went to eat my chicken pesto dish (check out the recipes section for the recipe!!) and felt horrendously sick, my stomach flipped and I had to head home from work and was promptly very very sick for the next 36 hours. This meant that Monday and Tuesday were out for training. After another pep talk from Emily, I came home from work put my gym clothes on popped on my favourite workout mix and smashed it. Legs and LISS done! I came home sweaty, out of breathe and with my legs like jelly but feeling so damn proud of myself for actually getting through it! And now I have 2 resistance, 2 LISS and 2 HIIT to go and I WILL DO IT! I’m glad I’ve managed to get my mojo back and I am very lucky to have people around me to help me get back up when I’m feeling down. It is very important to surround yourself with people who will support you no matter what. So now I am back and only have 3 weeks left until end of BBG 1, then I can start on BBG 2!! So excited to see changes and how my body tones and deals with this all.

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