I cheated…

So last week was my fortnightly weigh-in and monthly photos. Although I could see some changes on the photos from when I first began this workout, the fact that my weight had not changed from the fortnightly previously kept nagging on mind. I hadn’t been as strict on my diet the previous week so I tightened it up this week but still allowed myself a couple of cheat meals and a couple of glasses of wine (I am only human!).

Last week was quite tough as I wasn’t sleeping very well so a couple of mornings when my alarm went off early I turned it off and went back to sleep. This meant that I missed resistance on Wednesday (although did cardio in the evening) and resistance on Friday. Deciding that Friday was therefore going to be rest day, I doubled up a resistance and cardio Saturday morning and then did the last resistance Sunday. Although I am glad that I did it, I now understand why there is a day rest from resistance between workouts. Doing the workouts everyday and starting Week 6’s arms and abs this morning meant that I was in rather a lot of pain as my muscles hadn’t had any time to heal. I have had to have some heavy foam roll and stretch sessions to try to ease the pain and hopefully things will repair soon!

But back to the reason I cheated. I wanted to see this morning if tightening up my diet again and increasing cardio which you do in the second month had had any impact on my weight… and it had!! I have gone from 59kg to 57.5kg. In stone and lbs that is 9.29 to 9.05. So although I probably should have waited till next Monday it gave me the boost I needed to go smash this mornings workout – even with the aching arms and abs!! I realise many will argue that I should go by how I feel in my clothes and they are starting to fit better, not so snug these days! But I am not there yet with not being obsessed with the scales. I realise that as I get stronger and leaner, my body fat will be replaced by muscle which does weigh more but until then boosts like this morning’s weigh-in give me confidence that all the hard work is paying off!

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