So it’s been nearly 2 weeks since I wrote a blog post and unfortunately, I have not progressed in BBG. I started Week 6 on the 17th November on a good note. Having weighed myself I could see that I had lost further weight and I was feeling rather good about myself. Then the week went downhill in terms of going out, eating stuff I shouldn’t have and genuinely feeling rather unmotivated with getting up and going to the gym. Maybe it was the turn in the weather but for some reason I just wasn’t feeling on the straight and narrow. Although I managed to complete Week 6, I hadn’t felt like I had done it any justice and therefore, I decided to re-do week 6 this week.

I woke up Monday morning and smashed arms and abs, did 1st cardio on Monday evening and 2nd cardio Tuesday morning… and then it all went wrong again Wednesday morning. I was struck down with a cold, a horrible nose running,  feeling crappy cold that meant any forms of exercise went downhill rather quickly.  The only silver lining is I did keep my healthy eating up, so I am hoping that there hasn’t been too much damage!

I finally feel better and I also went with my mate, Lynsey, to a spa break on Saturday. We spent the day being pampered and preened as well as doing some yoga and even some hilarious hula hooping! It was just the relaxing and stress free Saturday I needed to finally get my butt in gear.IMG_1194I will be redoing week 6 for the third and hopefully final time next week but even if I don’t succeed again, I shall keep going until I do. I was getting frustrated at the thought that I had to redo week 6 because it was making me feel like I had failed somehow. Then I told myself that to be where I want to be doesn’t mean I can’t have failures or doubts, it’s about how I continue and keep on going despite them. You only fail when you give up completely, and I don’t plan on giving up.



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