So not only did I pull a muscle leading me to not being able to complete Wednesday’s gym session, I did my cardio Thursday and was not on the treadmill long before I started to feel faint. I headed back home with all the symptoms of the dreaded winter cold, called in sick to my boss and promptly passed out.

I feel between being ill and pulling a muscle I have not done week 2 of Kayla’s programme justice. My friend Emily who is currently on week 4 of the programme is feeling the same as she has been off sick all this week. Therefore we both made the decision that we were going to redo our weeks next week. I’m still eating healthily and tomorrow I shall do some cardio so hopefully not too much damage was caused to my progress. I therefore will not be weighing myself for another week as I really do want to follow the programme correctly 🙂

You have to know your limits when it comes to fitting a healthy lifestyle into your current lifestyle. I work full time as well as doing university part time. I realise that the last two weeks I have not been getting enough sleep which probably led to my feeling like crap. It is important to try to balance your lifestyle so that you don’t out too much stress on yourself and wear yourself out in the process. Therefore I am enforcing a curfew upon myself to make sure I go to bed and get the 8 hours sleep I need!

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