Progress Update!

So it’s been a while since I gave a progress update. I finally finished week 6 and moved on to week 7. I weighed myself on Monday morning and have stayed in the 57kg range which I’m happy with for the minute.

But then disaster struck on Tuesday. I went to the gym as normal to do cardio. Came back had a shower, had breakfast then I was making my lunch and I suddenly felt an almighty pain in my left side. I struggled to breathe and couldn’t move without it hurting. I was put to bed and told to rest up and the pain did ease off slightly over the day but has only just today felt back to normal. This meant that week 7 had to be put on hold.

The next few weeks for me as for most people are very hectic with Christmas holidays coming up and then Amsterdam for New Year. I have decided that for the next few weeks to do a toned down version of week 7 and then hit it properly again in the New Year. This may seem defeatist but personally I enjoy this Christmas festivities and going for Christmas drinks with friends and colleagues and I want to do kayla’s programme justice. Although I won’t be going completely overboard with the food and boozing (I’m still keeping up healthy eating and trying to limit alcohol intake to the weekend) I am not being as strict with myself as I usually am. Therefore there may be two cheats meals instead of one a week and a couple of cheeky Christmas chocolates. I’m looking forward to enjoying the holidays with my family and also looking forward to smashing the exercise again in the New Year 🙂

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