Exercise Update!

So, I am now on Week 21! It has been a long while since I did a progress update and a lot have things have changed. I took progress pictures at week 16 and was pretty proud of myself to see how far I’ve come. Left is me at week 0 and right is the Monday morning of week 17 🙂Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.53.05


I am so pleased with my stomach progress. My kangaroo pouch has decreased dramatically and everything is looking more toned even though I do have a long way to go yet!

It was after this that I decided to change two things, my flexibility and an increase of stomach exercises.

For flexibility, me and my friend signed up for Beginners Yoga at TriYoga. I’m slowly learning who to control my body and my flexibility is improving by the week. It is also great to help me when I am hurting from the weeks resistance workouts!

For abs, I found a woman via instagram called @alexajeanfitness. She has eBooks for different workouts including a 4 week programme called “Sore to the Core”. 4 days a week I do a 20-odd minute workout consisting of 5 different exercises, 45 seconds each repeating 3 times. My boyfriend has even joined in with me for these exercises!

I am hoping to see a real change from doing these extra exercises. My holiday is in 3 weeks which I am really looking forward to! My boyfriend also bought me a Triangl bikini. Here are a couple of pictures I took of me in the bikini yesterdayIMG_4548 IMG_4551


I have a feeling that although there may be slight improvement tin 3 weeks when I go on holiday it won’t be major. However, I am hoping that by the time I go away for holiday in around November, I will see major major change in how I look in this bikini. Saying that, I am rather happy with where I am now at the moment and although I can’t wait to see my body continue to grow stronger, I am also just as pleased at how far I have managed to come. IMG_4363

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